26 July 2008

Home to Tennessee

As soon as I arrived home and had a little sleep, it was time for the Final Profession Mass for the Nashville Dominicans. I am a stand-by MC for the sisters' ceremonies. It's a hazard of being a priest with a sister in the community and right here in Nashville! Of course, it is really a delight. How many other places are there with a dozen+ young women making final vows in religious life? Archbishop Burke, formerly of St. Louis, was the celebrant along with Bishop David Choby of Nashville. Monday will be the first profession Mass.

Also this weekend, I have the wedding of a couple in my Vanderbilt flock. At the rehearsal dinner, I am seated not with grandmothers but with university students -- and they don't seem to mind or have the grace not to show it!

Jetlag from Australia is having a wonderful effect on me: I'm sleeping later! For those who know me, this is a miracle.

Oh, and do not forget the Irish Picnic in McEwen, TN -- the world's largest barbecue. 20,000 pounds of the best pork shoulders you've ever tasted. All the money for St. Patrick's School there in McEwen. I used to be pastor there and so will be heading west this afternoon after the wedding festivities.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the drive down I-40.

TheCrankyProfessor said...

Mmmmm, barbecue.