22 July 2008

Last Day in Australia

Well, tomorrow we return to the "more austere but happier life" of home. At least, it will be tomorrow here. Crossing the date line is really odd.

I think that it is obvious that World Youth Days are being used as vehicles to revive the Church in particular places. I think this was Cardinal Pell's goal for hosting WYD in Sydney. I think the choice of Madrid for the next one is for the same reason. Denver's World Youth Day certainly worked that way for the Church in the United States, with Denver itself becoming a national center of authentic renewal. I believe it will turn out that way for Australia.

I met a young priest this afternoon who is also in campus work who has just been ordained for two months. He was a breath of fresh air for me!

Here are some of my "resolutions, inspirations, and affections" from the pilgrimage:
1) More order in my daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedule -- set times and stick to them
2) Dare great things for God
3) Accept the responsibility for putting them into effect with serenity -- a father's role
4) Guide my students with detached love
5) Let my students push me to greater fidelity
6) Find some way for more priestly fraternity


betsy said...

We are so excited for your return!

Anonymous said...

I am praying for your safe return...and for your solid resolutions to root in reality, making you an even happier and holier priest. Now hurry up and bring all those efficacious graces on home with you!

Michael said...

More austere? Nashville, austere?