11 August 2008

Angelic Warfare Confraternity

As a university chaplain contemplating the beginning of the school year, I am looking for help to help my students live lives of chastity. So many want this virtue, but there is a lot to deal with: wireless internet access all over campus, cable television in every dorm room, open visitation, not to mention the normal human struggles and weaknesses of the flesh and a toxic sexual culture. These are temptations, that is, invitations to sin. It takes a lot of virtue not to get tangled up some how some way in all this.

Violations of chastity are certainly not the worst sins one can commit (especially at this age), but they do give a heaviness and sadness to the soul that is seeking God. They make one less free. This year I think that I am going to rely more on an old help that the Dominicans came up with centuries ago: the Angelic Warfare Confraternity. The Dominicans have been dealing with university students since there have been universities. Another good resource from the same source is a booklet called "Achieving Chastity." It's inspiring, realistic, and practical.

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