05 August 2008

Theology of the Body, Yeah

I am afflicted by crankiness, like my friend "The Cranky Professor." One of the things that makes me cranky and shouldn't is the rapture over the "Theology of the Body." I was just reading a post at "The Curt Jester" on yet another book by Christopher West. Don't get me wrong, I certainly believe the theology of the body and am delighted that so many of the young people I deal with are inspired by it. I am grateful to JPII for resurrecting this aspect of Catholic teaching. What makes me cranky is that it seems so obvious to me. The theology of the body is nothing new. Apparently the new West book studies talks of JPII based on the Song of Songs, Tobit, etc. But the Song of Songs is certainly one of the most commented on books of the Bible, if we look beyond yesterday! All the Fathers and medieval doctors commented on it. All of them affirmed its affirmation of human sexual love and took it well beyond that. Oh well, ever ancient -- ever new.


Juan Horsetown said...

And just a reminder for all your readers out there--the Cathedral hosts a monthly discussion on the Theology of the Body on the last Monday of every month.

We're back in St. Albert Hall! Come one, come all!

Anonymous said...

Well, my dearest Father, you shouldn't be so cranky. The Theology of the Body may be nothing new, but it's new to someone who hasn't before heard the message. Does it matter so much from whence the source?