13 August 2008

To the top!


(from the teachers at St. Pius):

Standing tall and menacing against the horizon,
It posed both threat and challenge to all who drew near. 
Who would dare to climb the mountain?
It seemed, to many, insurmountable, and thus inspired fear.

Many would walk away, seeing only what could not be done,
But some cast eyes to the height, 
Vowing not by this mountain to be overcome.

The climbers approached the base,
No longer seeing its imposing height,
Instead it is a dream radiating their face,
Of the view from the top of a glorious sight.

Now the ascent begins, following the path,
With jovial grins, they joke and they laugh.

As they proceed, the path rises sharply,
They pick their way through roots and stones,
As one finds a way, the others follow shortly,
At the end of this stretch, they feel it in their bones.

Now the way becomes dark as they enter the forest,
Light is hidden as shadows fall,
Doubt and fear pull at the hearts of the strongest,
And some question "Is it really worth it at all?"

But even in darkness, the dreamer dreams,
And the dreamer sees what others fail to see,
So on they go, following running streams,
As they go, they wonder, "What does the dreamer see?"

Through the forest, a light breaks through,
A ray of hope, bringing strength renewed.
Yet a brambly wood, a way still rough,
But with machetes in hand, a way is cut.

Clearing the thorns was quite a feat,
But the greatest obstacles were yet to come.

A fog descended, thick and gray,
The air became a bitter chill,
A narrow ledge proved the only way,
To continue ascending the imposing hill.

Hearts shrank and shivered once more,
"Is it worth the risk?" they ask.
Again the dreamer's words come to the fore,
"Once begun, how can we desert this task?"

The dreamer called the strongest climber,
Facing the fog and narrow cliff,
"Your feet are sure and vision clear,
You can lead us through this mist."

The climber's heart swelled with hope,
He turned to the climber most unsure,
"Stay close to me and grab this rope,
It is only together we will pierce this blur."

This is only one obstacle along the way,
Yet what has the dreamer done today?
The ascent continues, the summit waits, 
But another dreamer is born today.