05 October 2008

How 'bout them 'Dores!

Since I am a life-long Vanderbilt fan, please allow me to celebrate the victory over Auburn last night. I can even add a bit of [dubious] theological reflection. Although I don't think that I have mentioned her in the blog, those who are subjected to my preaching know about Sr. Catherine de Ricci, O.P. She was the principal of St. Pius X School here in Nashville when I began there in the 3rd grade. She is a wise and holy woman. At St. Pius, we usually lost in sports because we were such a small school -- sound familiar Vanderbilt fans? My sister, who is now Sr. Margaret Andrew, O.P., was upset about a lost basketball game and was told by Sr. Catherine de Ricci: "God didn't want you to win, honey." She was right about that. But we have to take the other side as well. God must have wanted Vanderbilt to win last night!

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betsy said...

St Pius! Love it!