28 November 2008

Prepare the Way

When we return to school, Advent will be here. I have been thinking about Advent and the coming of the Lord Jesus. This old world is broken. I am broken. Sin is the problem with the world and with me. The best way for me to change the world is to repent of my sins. In a strange way, I am thankful for my sins because they keep getting me to go back to God. The times that I am furthest from God are not when I struggle with sin (remember the struggle part -- sinning does not get us closer to God) but when I think that I do not need God. Unhappiness with sin is one of the best reminders of how desperately I need God. I wish that I could love God more just for who He is, but in reality I mainly come to God as savior. Dear Lord, please never grow weary of my weakness.

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