09 November 2008

A Temple of the Holy Ghost

Today we celebrate what some might consider an anomalous feast in the Church's calendar: the dedication of the Pope's cathedral in Rome. Actually in the Church's mind such observances should not be so anomalous: the dedication day of every church building can be observed as a solemnity proper to that church. A solemnity is the highest kind of celebration in the calendar. This is so because the Church sees the celebration of the dedication of a church as a commemoration of Jesus Christ, symbolized in the altar and enshrined in the tabernacle. Every Catholic church is a domus Dei et porta caeli -- the house of God and gate of heaven. It is the axis mundi -- the axis of the world.

We can take this a step further, if you like. Because every Christian in a state of grace is a temple of the Holy Spirit and experiences the indwelling of the Holy Trinity, our own baptismal days should be solemnities for each of us. (Do you know your baptismal day?) Everywhere you go, God goes. What does your temple look like? Is the presence of God within you evident in your words and actions? Or perhaps has God's temple within been neglected, or has He been driven out by mortal sin? To go more deeply into this reality, I recommend a small book: The Presence of God by Anslem Moynihan, O.P. You can get it from the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word in Birmingham, AL.

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"Domus Dei et porta Coeli..."