07 December 2008

Back to Praying

Have you found your times for praying? If so, let's consider what to do. Prayer needs to be connection with a person -- so connect first. I have been having trouble with my wireless connection the last few days. If I'm not connected, nothing is happening. So too with prayer. Are you connected? This is where time comes in. I don't think that I can connect without committing at least a few minutes to it. Not that God doesn't hear my "text prayers," but I'm not really hearing him. That is the more difficult connection to establish -- mine to Him. He's always connected to me. Don't be content with a single bar (like the one I am operating on as I write this). Find the spot and take the time that allows a full connection. Put yourself in the presence of God by taking yourself out of the presence of you. Detach yourself from self and all the concerns you have. Be concerned for Him alone. Stay in that place -- don't move. You might lose the connection. Let the bars start coming up one by one. Now you can pray.

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