28 December 2008

Thoughts on being sick

It is a little bit frustrating that I seem always to get sick sometime after Christmas and after Easter -- but especially after Christmas. Being sick is somehow part of my vacation. This morning I have decided that it is now necessary to see the doctor.

When I am sick, I have a greater than usual temptation to self-pity and to see the difficulties in the unusual way of living out a priestly vocation that goes with my current assignment as a university chaplain. At Christmas, there is so little evidence of what I do. Students are gone. The illusion of the community we try to create is evident. Vandy+Catholic is just a short stopping point on the pilgrimage to Heaven. On the other hand, I am inspired to seek the heroic instead. I watched a short video this morning from the New York Times about the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal in the South Bronx. I am inspired to try to be as faithful in my vocation as they are in theirs, even though the external circumstances are so different. How am I to be holy as a university chaplain and to try to show the way to holiness for the students who are here for so short a time? Lord, show me the way, and let me be faithful to it.

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Michael said...

oh no! I was the one who probably made you sick. I'm sorry, its practically gone for me, but it hit hard and fast. You'll be in my prayers.