20 December 2008

"We wish to start Heaven here on earth..."

Salt+Light TV, the Catholic TV network of Canada, has spent the past year and a half working on a documentary of the life of the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia, our beloved Nashville Dominicans.  They wrapped up filming this fall, and the final 55-min piece is scheduled to air in January.  They have a beautiful trailer posted on their website... 


And here are some of my favorite quotes...

"They're looking at leaving behind good things; the good and beauty of married life and parenthood, and to see, can I be a spouse to Christ; and yet, to say, I'll leave those behind for the greater good of Christ alone, where He becomes my everything."

"If you think about it, all people are called, ultimately, to live totally united to Christ; and most people will do so in Heaven.  We wish to start Heaven here on earth."

"The vocation to the religious life if a call to love Christ as our Spouse, and our neighbor as He loves them.  It's magnificent.  He gives us the grace to love, and we have to remain faithful to that grace."

Saint Cecilia, wise, prudent, and faithful virgin, pray for us!

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