12 January 2009

Back from Texas, off to Florida

It seems a strange thing to leave my work to go and talk to other people about my work. Is it really important to step back and try to get a bigger perspective? To try to gain from others in the same line of work and to try to offer to others what I have picked up as a university chaplain? Somehow it does not seem quite right.

What about distracting university students with ways to spend their time that is not part of their work? A men's retreat this weekend, the March for Life the next week. Is this really the best use of their time? Should I not be encouraging them to be educated rather than merely trained?

Like the members of the generation I serve, I long for predictability and order. I'm just not good at getting there!

Despite all these reservations, I'm flying off to Florida tomorrow literally to "write the book" on campus ministry. What I have to offer this endeavor, I don't know. But here I go. Pray for us.

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