02 February 2009

Leave the 99!

Go after the 1. Who is the 1 you are being called to seek and to find today in the name of the Lord? Jesus died and rose for the whole world, but we come to Him 1 by 1. Look and listen for the 1. Do not quit. Be patient. Persevere. Bring a friend to Jesus by being a friend.

All of this was brought home to me practically this weekend. On Saturday, I baptized two babies at two different ceremonies. I spoke at a seminar that had only a few people in attendance. I then drove five hours on Saturday night, including hours on unfamiliar mountain roads to be with the Vanderbilt FOCUS missionaries and disciples (14 in all), and then drove back yesterday arriving home about 25 hours after I left. After the 9 p.m. Mass last night, there was another 1 who needed my time. Poor time management or different priorities?

Leave the 99. Go to the 1.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the different priorities!