29 March 2009

Extreme Blogging Lameness

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I would apologize for not blogging more recently, but I am not sure that I am sorry. I may have been saving your time and mine! For me, the last few weeks have been overwhelming so that I did not think that I had much time. But even if I had had all the time in the world (and I guess that is how much time I actually did have -- but I digress), I wonder what I have to say that is worth anyone else's time. Lately I have been intrigued by "quasi-categorical imperatives" of my own devising. For example, since I don't have nearly enough time for all the good thing that I could and should be doing, it is obvious that I should not have any time at all for the bad stuff! My spiritual director advised me about some vice that I was struggling with simply to "crowd it out" of my life. Along those same lines, as long as there is better stuff for people to read and spend their time on, why should they waste their time on what I have to say? And believe me, there is a lot better stuff than what I have to say -- for example anything by all those people whose names begin with "S", the saints.

This brings me to the problem of the preacher. Today, I am preaching the cross. Last week, I preached the cross. See what I mean? But how do you improve on that, especially if it is what the Church gives you in the scriptures for the day? Answer: you don't!

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bridget said...

Keep blogging. You've got to give
the Holy Spirit material to work
with even if it isn't how you
anticipate. Besides, the saints
weren't saints yet (well, most of
them) when they wrote what we now
read. What you wrote for the feast
of the Annunciation was as beautiful as anything I've seen on
that feast.