13 April 2009

Christ is Risen! -- campus style

For any of you who know me, one of the most improbable things about my being a college chaplain is the fact that I am an early riser. Just look at the time signature on any of my posts. In campus ministry, however, things need to happen at night because that is when the students are available. The Easter Vigil is tailor made for the hours of my charges so I take advantage of it!

After the Easter Vigil, we have a party for those who had been received into the Church. The most noteworthy aspect of the party is the use of confetti-filled eggs that are cracked open on the heads of unsuspecting victims. The Frassati House, which serves as our campus center and my residence upstairs, is packed. There is lots of food. It is very loud and very festive. After a couple of hours, the crowd has thinned and we begin a sort-of talent show. Then we decide that something really must be done about the confetti. And now, it is time for the Lord Jesus to return to the house oratory so we have an impromptu Eucharistic procession across the parking lot from the Cathedral to the house chapel. We have exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, sing the Divine Mercy chaplet, and conclude with the Regina Coeli. Those who remain, now about ten, have a long period of good byes, and by 1:30 a.m. I am left with only the seminarian and his friend who are staying here. Of course, by this point we need more food. So it is over at 2 a.m. Christ is risen, and his priest has gone to bed -- at last!

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