16 April 2009

"Look at my hands and my feet"

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What do we see in His hands and feet? Living flesh that has been pierced and yet lives. Look at that. What does it tell you about Him?

This is where our prayer should begin: looking at Jesus. When we look at Him, what is not possible? What doubt, fear, suffering, or struggle cannot be faced? If He is the center, then even real "issues" shift in perspective, much less the ones that are imaginary. We can get over and out of ourselves to experience the glory of God. Jesus really died but really rose.

So practically speaking, begin praying by encountering the Lord. Scripture is probably the best place for the encounter. Join Him in His primary mission of offering glory to the Father. Be drawn into His goodness, beauty, and truth. Only much later ever give a thought to yourself, and when you do let be with His eyes of mercy for yourself and others and mainly to serve as His hands and feet -- pierced and living.

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