15 April 2009


These are the days of mercy. As Christians, we are to live Jesus in a radical way in the world. What the Lord Jesus brought to the world and therefore what Christianity has to offer the world more than anything else is mercy: love and forgiveness without condition or limit. Fortunately for us, we live in a time that is rich in the need for mercy. Christians just about everywhere are singled out for ridicule, persecution, or worse. Rather than sharpening our apologetics or defending our rights, let's first of all show mercy! We have no more fear. We know how the story ends. Christ is risen! And Jesus Christ is coming again to wipe away every tear and to right every wrong.

Only mercy can touch the frenzied and broken hearts of this world. They do have fear! The fear of loneliness, the fear of isolation, the fear of failure, the fear of rejection, the fear of love. Yes, especially of love because it costs so much. What if I love and then am hurt? What if I love and then am left? Don't rely on love.

Coming back from Honduras after spring break, we were talking in the Miami airport about the poverty of our country: the poverty of love. We want to fix and control every situation, but we do not want to love. We have so much power and money but so little love. We throw money and expertise at situations that really need love. It does not work. We need to be really generous in the way that really costs: generous in love. That's mercy!

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