22 April 2009

Saint days, again!

We are back to having saints days again after the long fast of Lent and the solemnities of Easter Week! This week we have Sts Anselm, George, and Mark. A saint is a friend of the Risen Lord. Friendship is that wonderful, detached, and self-less love. Friendship is loyal but not exclusive or possessive. Friends are united by a common love. For Christians, that common love is Jesus Christ. The circle of Christian friends grows ever larger. Here is an image for you of how Christian friendship works. (Thanks for this insight goes to my friend, Fr. Cassian Folsom, OSB, who gave me this print.)

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This is an image of the disciples on the road to Emmaus painted by Bl. John of Fiesole -- Fra Angelico. (I bet you didn't know that they were Dominicans!) Look what unites them: Eyes on Jesus. bff, indeed!

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