23 May 2009

Blogging from Italy

Next time you hear from me will be from Italy -- I hope. That is if I can get myself together enough to leave. Well, actually I will leave even if I'm not ready because I won't be ready. It's impossible now. Slip slidin' ... Please pray!

Of course, the "Rome Experience" will be great. I'm not complaining!

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Anonymous said...


Found this prayer that might
be helpful.

O Raphael, lead us towards those
we are waiting for, those who
are waiting for us! Raphael,
Angel of Happy Meetings, lead us
by the hand towards those we are
looking for! May all our move-
ments, all their movements, be
guided by your Light and transfigured by your joy.

Angel guide of Tobias, lay the request we now address to you at
the feet of Him on whose unveiled Face you are privileged to gaze.
Lonely and tired, crushed by the separations and sorrows of earth,
we feel the need of calling to
you and of pleading for the protection of your wings, so that
we may not be as strangers in the
Province of Joy, all ignorant of the concerns of our country.

Remember the weak, you who are strong--you whose home lies
beyond the region of thunder,
in a land that is always peaceful, always serene, and bright with the
resplendent glory of God.

Because St. Raphael guided a young
man on a long journey and provided
for his needs, he is considered
the companion of youth and the patron saint of travel. Because
he healed the young man's beloved
spiritually and healed his father's
blindness, Raphael is considered
the patron saint of healing.

Flannery O'Connor would say the
Prayer of Happy Meetings every day
and the most interesting people
would find their way to her rural
Georgia farm.

God bless you. Be safe.