11 June 2009

Catching Up

Wow. Time goes by fast. We are settling into more of a routine, and my social life is picking up! It is a small world. I just had lunch with Fr. David Carter of the Diocese of Knoxville and another Tennessean. It was my first long and leisurely Roman pranzo. The glories of the three Grand Divisions were extolled. (If you don't know what that means, you are not a Tennessean.)

Tomorrow, I am meeting up with a priest from Alabama. Saturday, it's Mass and breakfast with the Nashville Dominican sisters who are studying here in Rome and lunch with the niece of Bl. Pier Giorgio, etc. Despite the fun of all of this, I am actually eager to get back to work in Nashville!

I have had time to squeeze in seeing the Holy Father. We went to the general audience yesterday, and this evening we are going to the Corpus Christi procession. I'll keep you posted.

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