08 June 2009

Over the Weekend

Well, I actually have good internet access only during the week at the university where the seminarians' classes are held. It is not open on the weekend, and the place we are staying is not too high tech. Anyhow we are keeping pretty busy.

On Saturday, we visited St. Paul's Outside the Walls and celebrated Mass there. That was a first for me there. We continued the Pauline theme by visiting Tre Fontane, the site of St. Paul's martyrdom. I had also not been there before. Both places were very busy with pilgrims closing out the Pauline Year.

On Sunday, we went to see the Roman ruins at Ostia Antica, the ancient port city of Rome. I usually don't get much out of ruins, but these were very pleasant. There is also the association with St. Monica, who died in Ostia. We said the rosary in the ruins of the Christian basilica where she likely attended Mass with St. Augustine.

This morning we visited the Lateran -- the cathedral of the Pope, including it's baptistry and the Scala Sancta. We also went to Santa Croce down the street to see the relics of the True Cross that St. Helena found and brought back from Jerusalem.

Sorry for the brief travelogue, but I am actually keeping busy on this trip and so time is pretty tight!

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