30 July 2009

Father ...

I am grateful to God for this assignment among other reasons for the experience of spiritual fatherhood it has given to me. Yesterday, I did something that only makes sense in this context. Although I really need to be packing to move my living quarters out of the Frassati House and unpacking my office into the Frassati House, as well as answering a bunch of emails, etc., instead I drove to Tiger, GA and back in one day -- well, almost one day. We didn't arrive back here until a little after 1 a.m. CDT.

Why Tiger, GA? There are three Vanderbilt students working at Covecrest, a Catholic camp there. They have been "on" me to visit, and time was running out. So with two seminarians as traveling companions, I set out to extreme north east Georgia. As a bonus, there was also a parish group from the Diocese there, and I the leaders of that group are also very involved at Vanderbilt.

I thought of so many fathers, like my own, who spend a lot of time doing things to be with their children. I was happy of this example in my own life, and I know that this was the best use of my time. I hope that I can always remember these priorities.

24 July 2009

This is Huge!


Bl. Pier Giorgio's letters are now available in English! The book has just been published. Go here to get your very own copy. Be the coolest kid in town!

19 July 2009

Back to Work!

It feels so good to get back to work! Everybody fasten your seat belts because Vandy+Catholic is "sitting on ready and rocking on" go for the new school year.

Masses start back this week: 9 p.m. Sunday and 5:30 p.m. weekdays. Come pray with me in the mornings at 8 a.m. for a holy hour, if you can.

Keep posted for additions to the calendar!

10 July 2009

What Padre's been up to...

Check out this sweet video explaining the program Fr. Baker was working with in Rome! You can catch a quick glance of the Faj at 0:18 seconds in! As usual, totally legit!

Special plug to an awesome blog, RomanCatholicVocations

07 July 2009

Vandy+Catholics in the News

Since I have returned home, I have been catching up on the mail. I have been pleased but not surprised to see Vandy+Catholics turning up in the press: here
and here

I am always so pleased to see our students recognized for how totally awesome they are! It was another pleasure to be at graduation where so many of our Vandy+Catholic leaders were recognized as campus leaders.

05 July 2009

Home Again!

Yesterday we spent a long day traveling: Rome, Paris, Chicago, Nashville. Charles de Gaulle Airport, although prettier than most, has to be the worst ever; but I've got to give Air France credit for the food! Some things just work better in America, like arriving in Chicago and arranging with American Airlines to catch an earlier flight back to Nashville, no problem and no questions.

I also saw an engaging movie on the long flight (actually where I see most of the few movies I do see anymore!): In the Electric Mist. The full title of the book is In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead. Now that's a movie to intrigue me! 

One reflection I have gained from these six weeks with seminarians is the need to pray for those who work with seminarians. It must be tricky! These young men that I was with are very impressive, but I am not sure how one would go about working on the fine points effectively. Maybe I can say more about this area of formation when I have had some time to reflect on it more. Suffice it to say that I think at this point I am more cut out for college work!

Now back to work! There is so much to be done in the six weeks leading up to the beginning of the new school year, including moving our offices and moving my residence. I am ready to get ready to begin again!

01 July 2009

A Different Rome Experience

I am sitting on the roof terrace of our current residence in the middle of a late afternoon storm. It is dramatic and refreshing. Already Rome is beginning to empty of those who can leave for the hot summer months. This has been an interesting six weeks for me. I really know Rome better now and am more comfortable here than I have ever been before, but I am also really glad to have my work to go back to. As I mentioned before, I have a greater love and zeal for my campus ministry work, and I have a sense that God has me just where He wants me! Please pray for Vandy+Catholic. We have a lot of opportunities, challenges, and difficulties in the coming year -- all centered on trying to love and serve the Lord Jesus better. It's time to start preparing for the "Roman Rush" of the Vanderbilt campus!