30 July 2009

Father ...

I am grateful to God for this assignment among other reasons for the experience of spiritual fatherhood it has given to me. Yesterday, I did something that only makes sense in this context. Although I really need to be packing to move my living quarters out of the Frassati House and unpacking my office into the Frassati House, as well as answering a bunch of emails, etc., instead I drove to Tiger, GA and back in one day -- well, almost one day. We didn't arrive back here until a little after 1 a.m. CDT.

Why Tiger, GA? There are three Vanderbilt students working at Covecrest, a Catholic camp there. They have been "on" me to visit, and time was running out. So with two seminarians as traveling companions, I set out to extreme north east Georgia. As a bonus, there was also a parish group from the Diocese there, and I the leaders of that group are also very involved at Vanderbilt.

I thought of so many fathers, like my own, who spend a lot of time doing things to be with their children. I was happy of this example in my own life, and I know that this was the best use of my time. I hope that I can always remember these priorities.


Anonymous said...

Your insight is a gift. I'm not
sure how many priests are able
to see the demands on their time
in that way. You had a good
example though. Your father,
through his interest in others,
helped people in ways he
wasn't aware of. He once gave
a thin volume on Catholic teaching
to a friend, who then gave it to
me, and I passed it on to
another . . . well, you get the
picture. Just thought you'd
like to know.

God bless you.

Kathryn said...

Father! You are so good to us! We're so glad you came to visit. Thank you. =)