25 August 2009

Evangelical Catholics

Wowza! I cannot believe the explosion of Catholic life at Vanderbilt. Over 20 students returned to campus a week early for a leadership retreat last week. Of course, it helped that it was at a beautiful cabin on Tims Ford Lake! We were "praying up" and preparing for the new students to arrive on campus.

Then there was move-in day itself, with everyone promoting "Moonlit Mass" at 11:30 p.m. on Saturday. It was the only time for us to get Mass in for the freshmen their first weekend on campus so we did it! It was beautiful, reverent, and well-attended.

We have met new transfer students, new graduate students, new Belmont students, etc. Yesterday, there was "Sports Mania" on Wyatt Lawn which included Ultimate Frisbee playing Dominican Sisters! What else can be happening?

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