29 August 2009

Order and Change

I am finding myself longing for the order of routine! It is great to make new beginnings, but it is disruptive to ordinary life. Here at Vandy+Catholic, there have been non-stop changes and new beginnings since the middle of the summer.

We essentially have a new home. The Frassati House, thanks to the generosity of Bishop Choby, is Vandy+Catholic's full-time and exclusive home. We a chapel, office space, meeting space, study space, a kitchen and dining areas, and even a small back yard! This has caused another change in that I now live at the Cathedral rectory. We still have a lot of settling in to do, but we are here.

There are also new people. Three of our four FOCUS missionaries are new. Our music team has new leadership. We have lots of new students leaders for more activities. And, of course, the new students!

There are new times, in particular the new Sunday Mass time of 5 p.m. in addition to 9 p.m. Mass. I am hopeful that this time will be better for more students than the old 11:30 a.m. time. I did not make this change lightly, but I am hopeful that we can serve the campus better this way. There are also a good many practical reasons why the change seemed advisable. We will also have a new time for confession on Wednesday nights. I hope that this will provide a more relaxed time for the celebration of this sacrament.

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