16 September 2009

Amazing Young 'Uns!

I am so spoiled because everyday I get to deal with some of the most generous and faithful young people I have ever known. In less than a month, I have welcomed a new FOCUS team to Vanderbilt. Tala, Tina, Luke, and Frank are simply filled with love for God and a generous desire to do His will and spread His love. I have also been working with the Vandy+Catholic student board. Cristina, Peter, Garrett, Caroline, and Travis are so extraordinary. One of them spent a month with Carmelite nuns in Brazil, one quietly soaks up everything he can about his faith, one is bearing with very serious injuries with fortitude, one has an intense zeal pleasingly cloaked in a joyful exterior, one seems almost a mystic is her sensitivity and wisdom. (OK, I'm sorry because it is probably pretty easy to figure out who is who!) About 20 other students came back to school a week early to prepare for the school year on a leadership retreat. They have done such good work and, I think, have had such fun. All kinds of groups are hard at work in Vandy+Catholic and on the campus. On Monday, the Vanderbilt newspaper had two columns by Vandy+Catholics defending the role of religion in campus life.

We have also had such amazing things to offer. The "Love and Responsibility" extravaganza has brought some of the greatest young talent in the Church today right here to Vanderbilt. Sr. Jane Dominic is unrivaled in the Theology of the Body. Colleen McCarron's Night of Mercy is an experience not to miss. The silent retreat over the weekend was entered into with such generosity. And Vol Awakening #1 is being served with that same generosity.

Thank you, God, for such blessings. I thank you for them!

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Kathryn said...

Father, we're spoiled by YOU. Thank YOU!