27 September 2009


No, I don't mean Girls Preparatory School (a.k.a. Greatest Place in the South), my high school's more or less "sister" school.

I mean the funny little machines that give you directions. I have recently received one as a gift. Using it has become a spiritual exercise. (So far, mine has not let me down, although I have been reliably informed that this does happen so take this as far as it goes!) When going to an unfamiliar location I used to rely on written directions and intuition. I would obsess. Now I turn on the GPS and do what it tells me. I get there. I relax. Sometimes, it is a bit of a test. I had the occasion to use it to go to, from, and back to a rural location over the weekend. Each route was different, even using three different exits off of the interstate. But all worked.

OK -- do you see where I am going with this as a spiritual experience? Regarding life: stop obsessing. Listen and obey. Relax, even when it is perplexing.


Anonymous said...

God's Positioning System is the best!

TheCrankyProfessor said...

Just like you can't worry too much about the Girls Penitentiary of the South - which is who their out-of-town opponents sometimes thought they were facing!

After all, they're the Bruisers!