06 September 2009

News about our friends!

Really quick -- here's a great article about the Nashville Dominicans.

Here is a great line that I hope and believe can be said about Vandy+Catholic as well: "The young nuns in Nashville don't seem driven by conservative theology or ideology. Instead, they seem driven by a love for God."

Pray for me today! It's a really busy one -- including a challenge that I love: Mass in Spanish!


OP Wannabe said...

you GO padre! isn't that article SO legit? i hear it was on the front page.

Anonymous said...

I think that the same can be
said of Vandy+Catholic but I
wouldn't get too discouraged
if many don't see it in the
same way. Judging by a few
of the comments, if you read
the article with jaded eyes,
there is little beauty
evident. This reminds me of
a quote from Nathaniel
Hawthorne, "Christian faith
is a grand cathedral with
divinely pictured windows.
Standing without, you see no
glory, nor can imagine any.
But within, every ray of light reveals a harmony of unspeak-
able splendors." Just keep
on being the good shephard
that you are.

God bless you.