08 September 2009

Set out into the deep!

Now that the "hoopla" of Roman Rush is more or less over, ordinary life sets in. Now is the opportunity to practice love in the details. First, love God. The main detail of love for God is prayer. Let me propose a crazy idea to you: pray an hour every day. Hear the invitation of the Lord to stay with Him one hour every day. It is a challenge and an adventure...and not as hard as it sounds. Let's say you pray a rosary -- that's a third of it right there. If you go to Mass, there's half. Add in a brief ten minutes of Bible reading. Add it up: one hour. It could be fun to see how creative you can get. At the end of the day, you will have a real sense of accomplishment. The Lord will sneak up on you, and soon you will be more...like Him!

Now you are ready to be more for others, most especially in the witness of your ordinary life. You can be the one who wakes up your suitemate who is about to oversleep and miss class because you won the victory of the heroic moment with your alarm clock. You can be the one who steers a conversation away from an unkind or impure direction because you are aware of the presence of God. You can be the one who suggests getting outside for glow in the dark frisbee when a 21st birthday celebration is going a little over the limit. These are acts of real charity and witness. Then you will seem to be a reliable friend when you suggest to a friend going to Mass early to go to confession or when you invite that friend to a Bible study. See how it works out in the details?

Today look for the details -- that spare five minutes on the way to class for a quick decade of the rosary or that person that you don't know sitting alone in Rand. Set out into the deep!


James H said...

Like Your blog and webs ite. It looks like yall have a great Unoversity Catholic community

Gave it a plug at my site . See

Looking At the Evil Catholics of Vanderbilt (LSU/Vandy Game)


Anonymous said...

James H, you've helped me appreciate LSU more than ever before. Thank you.

James H said...

TY Your Welcome :)