20 September 2009

Verso l'alto and duc in altum!

Higher and deeper, at the same time? Well, actually it is possible -- with Him and with one another. Last weekend, there was a silent retreat. That's deeper. This weekend, there is Vol Awakening. That's higher. So far, I have to say that the emphasis this year has been on deeper, which is funny because our motto is to go higher. Go figure. God has other plans.

Personally, I believe that I am called to go higher, while helping the students to go deeper. My goal for the year is to climb some mountains of development and organization myself, while guiding the students deeper in prayer and leadership.

That is always the Catholic way: not either/or but both/and -- with some variation in emphasis. Please continue to pray for us. I really see so many good things "incubating" here at Vandy Catholic. Pray that God will bring to fulfillment the good work He has begun!

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Anonymous said...

Found this from Pope John Paul II.

"In our society, with its many
problems, we wee more and more
every day a deep need for certainty, a fervent desire for
a pure and committed love, a
yearning for truth, and for
soberness and integrity. This
is a time of history that is
full of spiritual and cultural conflict. We see in all of its
great significance the meaning
of Christ's words: "Whoever
loses his life for my sake will
find it"(Mt 10:39). That
holiness, which all of us
should strive for, can be
compared to a distant summit
that requires a hard and tiring ascent every day. But do not be
discouraged; resume with joy and
a generous spirit your daily
journey; restore your spiritual
strength through prayer and reception of the Eucharist. Set
your eyes continually on the summit. Be confident that you
will reach it with the help of
the Lord!"

God Bless You.