23 November 2009

Many Things

Vanderbilt is on a long Thanksgiving Break.

I spent the weekend on our second Rachel's Vineyard retreat in Nashville. It was very powerful. There was tremendous healing. Spread the good news.

When I got back over to the Frassati House and reposed the Blessed Sacrament to end the Adoration that accompanied the retreat, I discovered that I was in time for Solemn Vespers and Benediction at the Cathedral for Christ the King. That is the kind of thing that a Cathedral should be doing. The choir was great.

It was strange to have a calm Sunday evening. They are usually (wonderfully) hectic and late, what with the 9 p.m. Mass and all. But last night was different (see the first line of the post). I was able to have supper with the two other priests at the Cathedral rectory and my father. We enjoyed a beautiful meal made and delivered by a good friend.

That's a recap. And it's my birthday.


Kathryn said...

Happy Birthday, Father! =)

Nora said...

Happ Birthday, Father!

Michael Fye said...

Happy Birthday