18 November 2009


Here we are in the middle of things. I feel like catching a breath! I am enjoying myself more than I ever have, but I am also pulled in more directions than I can handle. The more that I am willing to lay it all down and really surrender to the will of God for me, the better it gets. I want to get on the roof of the Frassati House and shout to the young men I know: "BE A PRIEST! IT'S AWESOME." Whenever the topic of priesthood comes up, this wary look comes into the eyes of the most obvious young men. I think that the problem is not so much with themselves (although that's there) but with what they fear everyone else will think, especially their parents and other mentors. I would put my life up against anyone's for richness, meaning, relationships, and persecution (just a little bit for seasoning) to boot! Just like Jesus said. Go figure.

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