26 December 2009

Bishop Olmsted on "Serving Truth in the University"

Here is an letter on the mission of the Church in higher education by Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix. I knew that Bishop Olmsted was becoming interested in campus ministry because I received a call from one of his priests inquiring about FOCUS just after Thanksgiving. I think very highly of the good Bishop of Phoenix since my days in seminary when he was on the faculty and later served as rector at the Pontifical College Josephinum.

I am gratified to hear what Bishop Olmsted has to say. The Church's mission to the University is not a matter of "Mass and pizza." His words are a nice shot in the arm as we head off to the FOCUS conference.

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OP Wannabe said...

Prayers for you and the V+C peeps heading to Orlando! Wish I could be there, but I'll be praying from afar from the mighty OSCAR AUSTIN. :-)