06 December 2009

Comments on Adderall

OK. The Vanderbilt Hustler website is still down. The conspiracy-theory side of me thinks that the university administration must have something to do with this. It cannot look good that a large percentage of your students resorts to drugs to deal with academic pressures.

So here are my thoughts. They are not exhaustive, just what seemed noteworthy to me. The first is the prevalence of the drug use, either legal or illegal. There has got to be a better way to cope. I think that I know one. No, not that Jesus is going to help you to to stay up later to finish a paper, but that the awareness of being a child of God should help the whole process either with encouraging behaviors that lead to a good outcome or with the ability to deal with a bad outcome. I was rather amazed at how the student health representative didn't seem to think that all this drug use is a big deal.

My other impression is one that makes me really sad. One of the students quoted in the article says that he does sell his prescription pills but only to "friends." That makes me really sad, not about the drug use but about the concept of friendship. Selling pills to friends. What kind of friendship is that? What does friendship mean to this young man? It doesn't sound like any kind of friendship that is worthy of the name. If anything, give your friends the pills. That act, however unwise, at least has some shred of humanity to it. With friends like this ...

I guess that my take on this issue is that there is a serious need to help these students find authentic support for the real pressures of life. Adderall is not it. And, I have to say, that the "grown ups" quoted in the articles didn't offer much inspiration for living the "good life." Their responses were muddled and really not very helpful to stressed out and isolated students. The source of the "good life" comes from the source of life itself.

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