20 December 2009

Cultural Experience

I have been having a cultural experience this weekend! I have been in Boston (for the first time in my life) for a wedding. I should have realized that being a university chaplain would involve me in more weddings and that at a university like Vanderbilt weddings would involve travel. At New Years, for example, I have a wedding in Tulsa.

So I have been in the land of the bean and the cod for the weekend -- and this paricular weekend also the land of snow. Boston is having a nor'easter (?) It's a lot of snow for this Southern boy.

The occasion was the wedding of Kyle and Liz Ludvik (nee Ellis), one of the first FOCUS missionaries at Vanderbilt. That's Liz in the picture above in the foreground, with some friends! What a cultural experience it must have been for her to come to Nashville. For someone who had been so generous in giving of herself at Vanderbilt, I had to make the effort to come to her wedding.

I became emotional at the wedding thinking about the generosity of these young people. There were many FOCUS missionaries and former missionaries present. Colleen McCarron, the best musician ever, was singing. There were Liz's Catholic friends from Williams. And the wonderful and hearty Nebraska Catholics on the groom's side. The Catholic Church is alive and "alove." I kept thinking what good was being done for the love of God by all these lovely young people. I thank God for letting me be a part of it all.

We'll see if I can get back to Tennessee!


OP Wannabe said...

holiness! hope you made it home ok, faj!

TheCrankyProfessor said...

And pretty soon, baptisms. See the Waugh biography of Ronald Knox - who was baptizing Oxford offspring up to the end.