04 December 2009

Deeds, not sweet words

I don't want you to think that I have "gone soft." I have been reminded this week that love means "deeds, not sweet words," as the Lord reminded St. Josemaria. But love must be the source of the deeds, not pride, guilt, or ambition. Deeds springing from love. This is what is needed.

Yesterday in the Office of Readings, St. Francis Xavier spoke of those with more learning than charity. That is a real danger in the intellectual life. In the active apostolic life, there is a danger of more deeds than charity. But there is also the danger of few deeds because of little charity.

Lord, give me an increase in charity that I may do more for love of you!


Anonymous said...

I know that "deeds, not sweet
words" are important but
sometimes a "sweet word" can be
a moment of grace for a soul
wounded by sin. It can be a
seed planted in the soul that
the Holy Spirit can give life
to in His own time. At times,
the sweet word spoken in love,
gentleness and truth can be the deed required.

Frog's hair said...

Among the deeds of the first few days of Advent for me as a priest is participating in penance services. In that context, for example, sweet words are often powerful deeds, as you suggest. But offering only sweet words when deeds are called for is not charitable.