21 December 2009

Home to Tennessee

I did make it home, actually on time yesterday. My bag did not. I had not intended to check my bag because it would have cost extra -- I didn't realize that Southwest does fly to Boston. I checked it at the gate because the plane was so full. For good measure, I stuffed my overcoat in the bag too...my overcoat with my house and car keys in the pocket. Oops!

United basically said that the bag would be found in the first 24 hours...or not. I called after about 12 hours. The bag had made it to O'Hare, but there was no trace of it since. Not very consoling. They threw in a $150 travel voucher. Somewhat consoling. But I still did not have my car keys.

At 25 hours, I received a call saying that my bag was on the way to the Frassati House. I am eagerly waiting for it now! Happy ending, I hope. We'll see if the driver can find 2004 Terrace Place.

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