05 December 2009

Lost Breviary and Adderall

Yesterday, I had lost my breviary. Or maybe it is better to say "misplaced." This is serious business. I have taken a vow to pray the Divine Office for the Church. It was a very unsettling experience. Not so much the misplacing: I do that all the time. One priest friend says that he can always tell when I have been to visit him because I always leave something behind. It was unsettling to be without my breviary. Fortunately, my brother priest at the Cathedral rectory, Fr. Zach, found it. I had left it in the ambo at the Cathedral where I had used it in my homily the night before, quoting from St. Francis Xavier about "more learning than charity." That's not a usual place for my breviary.

I think that my condition is probably diagnosable, especially if I were younger when I also used to jump off refrigerators, etc. I am very scattered and disorganized. I mess up numbers all the time: I practically cannot write down a phone number correctly much less remember one, for example. Yesterday, there was a very impressive piece of journalism in the Vanderbilt newspaper, The Vanderbilt Hustler. (I would provide a link, but their site seems to be down. I'm not surprised after this issue.) Practically the whole issue was on the drug "Adderall." I had never focused on this topic before. (This is one of the things that I love about my job: being introduced to totally new social realities.) Anyhow, it is a look at yet another strangeness of our culture, in this case the largely illegal use of a drug for performance enhancement in an intellectual setting. I think that you might hear more from me on this, when I have had a chance to digest more of the articles.

Thanks to St. Anthony and Fr. Zach for finding my breviary!

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