12 February 2010

See what Catholic "Millennials" Believe

Relativism is the big challenge. Go see.

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Anonymous said...

I never quite understood the
emphasis on personal holiness.
There didn't seem to be enough
"doing good things for others"
about it. But for most of us,
that is the only way to witness
to the error of relativism. If
we can quietly live to the best
of our ability the truth and love of Jesus with the help of God's grace, we give the Holy Spirit
the space to work and draw others
to God. Orthodoxy can't seem like
a club but as God's plan for our
our happiness in Him.
This takes soooo much patience but
we are never sure how much sin (both the effect of the sins of
others against them and their own
sins against others) has damaged
an individual soul's ability to
see clearly, without fear. Most
of us must be very gentle even
though that often goes against
the grain.