27 February 2010

The Vocation to Love and Christian Discipleship

On Thursday evening, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson delivered a magnificent lecture here at Vanderbilt. He seemed like a professor addressing his students, and the students responded to him in that way by their attention and their questions.

Mr. Anderson took the students through a brief philosophical tour of the past two hundred years to demonstrate the systematic effort to exclude Christianity from the world of serious thought, whether public or private. He proposed the New Evangelization of Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI as a way for the Church to re-enter the stage. The New Evangelization has the same content as the "old" but is presented as a expression of charity. Mr. Anderson suggested that the Church does not need better arguments (we already have those) but better witnesses especially better communities of witness. We are our brothers' keepers.

It is my hope that Vanderbilt Catholic is such a community of witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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OP Wannabe said...

do we have an upcoming podcast of his talk?! i'd surely love to hear it! glad l&r week went well!