29 March 2010

Vandy Awakening IV, oops VI I mean!

Well, this past weekend was Vandy Awakening VI. We have come a long way from spring of 2007 when the first bunch of us went to Texas A&M for Aggie Awakening 79. It is hard for me to imagine, but we had visitors from at least two other schools wanting to start their own Awakenings.

As small an operation as Vanderbilt Catholic is, Awakening is still a grueling amount of activity for me. I am very grateful for Fr. Tony Stephens of the Fathers of Mercy who came to help out. It is great to have another priest along.

One of the students, who came back to serve at the 9 p.m. Mass on Sunday, asked me as we were cleaning up after Mass if I get something out of every Awakening. I paused and said that I did. It is simply this: an experience of the Pascal mystery. Good preparation for Holy Week!

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