27 May 2010

Reporting from Italy

OK, sorry about that! It has been a whirlwind trying to get away and get going here. About a week after graduation, I left for Italy for the Rome Experience, a program for seminarians that I help to direct. (That sounds fancier than it is.) So there was a lot to finish up at home and a lot to get sorted out here.

Right now we are in Norcia, the birthplace of Sts Benedict and Scholastica. The seminarians are on retreat. I am, however, getting on a bus for Rome in a few minutes to go meet with Fr. Socias, who calls the shots on the program. No rest for the wicked! I am meeting a priest from Knoxville and two Nashville seminarians for dinner tonight so I will be having some fun. Then I come back here tomorrow evening, and things will be a bit slower for a while.

I love Norcia. It is an incredibly charming walled city in the midst of mountains, but there are personal reasons why I am so fond of Norcia. A wonderful priest, Fr. Cassian Folsom, is the prior here. He has been tremendously helpful to me as a seminarian and priest. I have the greatest respect for him. Fr. Benedict, another one of the monks here, I have known since he was in college at Sewanee. I am very happy that we are spending so much time here this year.

I'll let you know how Rome goes!

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