09 May 2010

Stop Thinking!

"You think too much." This was one of the best pieces of spiritual advice* that I have ever received from a spiritual director. (It was from Fr. Carlton Jones, O.P., if you are curious.) I think that it is the case right now so no more thinking out loud in these posts for a while! Rather, I will try to notice things instead.

When I was in seminary, one of my wise professors told me that he was trying to teach us enough philosophy so that we could hold our own at cocktail parties. I have put that to good use this weekend at a rehearsal dinner Friday night and a baptism party last night. Friday night, I was with a particularly interesting subculture: old Georgia Catholics, the kind of people Flannery O'Connor came from. Last night, more good Southern folks, this time with a Notre Dame connection. The training I received from Fr. Glavin and at Sewanee stood me well. Could this be part of the New Evangelization -- or just having fun?

*The absolute best advice came from Fr. Francesco Turvasi: "be at peace!"

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OP Wannabe said...

I like your thoughts, though!