17 June 2010

Fast Time in Italy!

Well, at least from my posting it does not seem that I have been in Italy long at all. I think that I have been busier this summer. I have actually been working a good bit via internet.

I had a wonderful Roman pranzo today with my friend, Fr. David Carter of the Diocese of Knoxville. He had just successfully completed his oral exams for his Canon Law degree the evening before, and I thought that he needed to celebrate! We had a delicious lunch in a small, family restaurant. It was great. We talked of plans for getting priests together from our two dioceses for monthly days of recollection, as the Code of Canon Law stipulates! Please pray that we carry out this holy resolution.

Later in the afternoon, I visited the Venerable English College. They have an exhibition going called: Non Angli, sed Angeli. It was about the history of the college. On Sunday, I fulfilled another dream this trip of visiting San Girolamo de la Carita, just across the street from the English College. It was St. Philip Neri's residence before he moved to the Chiesa Nuova. It is hardly ever open, and even when I did get in I was allowed to visit St. Philip's room only by the hardest! But I did it. I was so moved. It was the emotional high point of this trip for me.

This afternoon, I also stopped by the Brigittine Convent that is nearby to pray especially for my sister. We stayed in this residence the summer before she entered the convent -- more than 25 years ago. I remember what a "stick in the mud" I was on that trip for her! I think that she has forgiven me :-)

OK. I am actually getting myself in mind to come home. I am SO excited about getting ready for the fall. Thanks to all of you for your prayers, support, and help.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're coming back!!!
:) Maria

joven said...

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