18 October 2010


I was talking to a friend last night who just got back from visiting Notre Dame, including going to a football game there. He talked about the great spirit of community there, so visibly manifested in the spirit at the game, but a reality deeper than that. I have experienced it at Notre Dame as well and at other places, in particular with my friends at Texas A&M. Such an experience is extremely attractive to me. I also find it to be rare in our atomized society.

It is one of the things, frankly, that I like best about Vanderbilt Catholic. There is community here. There are certainly dangers of the "tribe" mentality, but we really all need a tribe. The tribe of Vandy Catholic is one that is striving for fulfillment in Christ Jesus; it is Christian. That helps to point out and knock off the rough edges. It keeps the tribe open.

Why do I say that we need a tribe? We need more people to love in relationship. The tribe is another layer of relationship that requires something of me. Sacrificial love is the spice of life.

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