20 October 2010

Whither Vandy Catholic?

Where is Vandy Catholic going?

I have been proposing the Church's ancient method of praying with the Bible. A friend has suggested the acronym "LAMA" for short.

L is for literal -- What does the passage actually say?
A is for allegorical -- What does the passage say about Jesus?
M is for moral -- What does the passage say about my life?
A is for anagogical -- What does the passage say about heaven?

These are all pretty important questions. It has dawned on me that these are good questions for more than praying with the Bible. They are good questions for life.

Why don't we apply them to Vandy Catholic?
Literally there is more going on with Vandy Catholic than I know where to begin to describe it all. Masses, daily and Sunday with confessions. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, holy hours daily and all day Wednesday. Spiritual direction offered many times a week. FOCUS Bible studies all over the place, all sorts of times. iFacts -- knowing Him to love Him better! Graduate groups, retreats, Music ministry, formation groups, service offerings, outreach events. Got the picture?

All for Jesus. We are doing all these things because "in Him it is always YES!" Our mission is to propose Jesus Christ at Vanderbilt. Period.

Made for more. The response to the love of Jesus is love -- in the details. Excellence in living -- good work, good prayer, good friendships, good order, good service.

All aboard for Heaven! Let Jesus save souls -- mine and everyone I can bring to Him. I want to be with Him and them forever.

Considering where we are, our LAMA needs to have some intellectual firepower. We are developing a curriculum to engage our understanding with His Truth and to propose the Truth who is Jesus Christ to the University.

What do you think about this vision?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Along with truth and wisdom, don't
forget about beauty. That's how
some souls are drawn. Fra Angelico's "Annunciation" converted a friend of mine.

Also, along with all the activity,
know that the Holy Spirit works on
the unseen level. An otherwise
wonderful priest once dismissed
the Legion of Mary with one comment,
"They don't do anything." He just
didn't notice what was done.

These comments though come from
an older person so I'm not sure how
valid they are.