07 November 2010

Fireside Chat

I ask for your prayers for a new addition to the Love and Responsibility line up: my fireside chat about relationships. I am really looking forward to this to see what will happen. I want to know more about what students understand about relationships, and I simply want to throw out some ideas that seem to me to be merely common sense from the safety of a life of committed celibacy.

So often we overlook the most obvious things. I think that is what happens frequently in "defining the relationship." Attention is shifted to minutiae, and the big stuff is overlooked. For example, a healthy relationship strengthens what is best and most virtuous in one another. Doesn't that seem obvious? In the "defining the relationship" mentality however, the emphasis seems to be on determining the limits of how much selfishness the relationship will permit. If my assessment is accurate, doesn't that seem to be a recipe for unhappiness?

OK -- I don't want to be unfair, but perhaps I do want to be a gadfly! See you Tuesday night.

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CeeCee said...

Looking forward to it.