11 November 2010

L & R Week, just in time

Isn't it funny how the current controversy in the Vanderbilt Hustler this week is rooted in the virtue of chastity? A Christian fraternal group on campus is under fire from the Hustler for proposing this virtue to its members. Really. Are we to suppose that the Hustler would prefer fewer chaste young men on campus? I can't wait for the fornicators to come after BYX!

I will refrain from commenting on the fraternity's alleged enforcement mechanism, but the real issue is chastity. I don't think that the Hustler would be terribly concerned if an organization proscribed fashion faux pas.

Last year, the campus cultural elites rallied around the adviser to the Muslim student organization when he was asked about the penalty in Islamic law for the same thing -- believe me, it is more severe than removal from a Greek letter organization. I suspect that the Hustler is pushing an agenda rather than reporting news.

Whatever the case, come to the Love and Responsibility talk tonight by Sr. Jane Dominic in Wilson Hall at 7:30 p.m. It's the cool, edgy place to be: Be a rebel; be chaste!

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Jenny said...

I attended her lecture this past weekend at the motherhouse and it was outstanding.