02 November 2010

What is Christian about Christianity?

It is becoming clearer and clearer to me that authentic, robust, and humble Christianity is what is needed for the life of the world. The specifically Christian doctrines of the Trinity and the Incarnation translate in practical terms to Love and Mercy as the primary "forces" of creation. At the last Faculty Friday talks, we had the head of the physics and astronomy department speak. He talked about all kinds of things that I don't understand that keep the universe from collapsing: dark matter, dark energy, etc. It is practically impossible to detect these realities; but except for them the universe would collapse. On the metaphysical level, I believe that the same is true about love and mercy. They are not detectable in the great indexes of the world; but except for love and mercy, creation would have come to an end long ago. Love finds its source in the reality of the triune God, a loving communion of persons; and mercy springs from the heart of God made flesh and crucified: Trinity and Incarnation. Love and mercy make sense of our existence. Nothing else does.

The kind of love and mercy that are required to keep creation going have to be found in God. God is love. God is mercy. But not in abstraction: concretely. The only "force" that can account for three in one is love. The only "force" that destroys sin and reconciles sinners is mercy. The greatest mystery is that we are not dealing with "forces" like in Star Wars but rather with persons: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ, true God and true man.

There is no system that can replace love and mercy. Trinity and Incarnation are necessary. We seek for some way of avoiding sacrifice. There must be some set of rules to follow, we think. But there isn't. The truth is that Trinity and Incarnation require a personal response: a response of sacrificial love.


Anonymous said...

When thinking of dark matter, it
seems symbolic of the power of the
Eucharist in tabernacles all over
the world. That the Creator
of the Universe would have the
love, trust, and humility to put
Himself so utterly at the disposal
of His creatures is an ongoing
example of sacrificial love for all
of us as long as we have the faith
to recognize what the Eucharist
truly is.

CeeCee said...

Fr. Baker, this is amazing; you are amazing!!! Thank God for your wisdom and insight!