02 December 2010

"All Shall Be Well"

Yesterday, the Pope taught about Julian of Norwich, an English mystic. Here is all that the Vatican has posted in English:

"Our catechesis today deals with Julian of Norwich, an English mystic and anchoress of the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries. Julian is best known for her book, Revelations of Divine Love, which recounts sixteen visions or “showings” which she received during a grave illness. The Revelations are centred on the love of Christ; in Julian’s own words: “love is our Lord’s meaning”. They exude an optimism grounded in the certainty that we are loved by God and protected by his providence; as Julian says, in speaking of God’s power to bring good out of evil: “all will be well, and every kind of thing will be well”. Julian’s mysticism echoes the prophet Isaiah in using the imagery of a mother’s love to describe the affectionate care which God shows for his children, culminating in the incarnation of his Son and the fulfilment of his promises. Like so many holy women in every age, in spite of her withdrawal from the world Julian became a much-sought spiritual guide. In our own lives, may we draw profit from her teaching that God is the love which transforms our lives, bringing joy and peace to our hearts and, through us, to those all around us."

This melacholic needs her faithful optimism! Don't you love: "love is our Lord's meaning"? Meaning. We have to have meaning. And love is it.

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